There are few things better than pampering your skin with all natural body products. We take the time to carefully handcraft each product with only sustainable ingredients chosen for their therapeutic properties. We never use artificial colors or fragrances, paraben or sulfate, petrochemicals or microwave processes.  All of our products are 100% cruelty-free.

Body Scrub - Euphoria Hand, Foot & Body Sugar Scrub


Don't let the pink color fool you! Rose Clay not only gives this powerful scrub a fun color, but deeply detoxifies and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. Made with the same anti-aging oil of Camellia as our Euphoria Facial Soap, this scrub can't be beat.  We add fine, organic turbinado sugar for unparalleled exfoliation and base oils that deliver long-lasting moisture...

Skin Radiance Serum


Skin Radiance Serum is a special blend of key all-natural ingredients including Castor Oil for deep penetration and Kukui Oil to soothe dry skin, and key100% pure essential oils of Frankinsence, Carrot Seed, and Myrrh to aid skin in appearing healthier and more radiant. It can also be used around the eyes to promote fuller lash growth! To Use: Gently...