Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, & Unicorn Dust

Add a little love to your bath with our 100% natural bath bombs and bath salts. Whether you are trying to promote a good night's sleep, energize yourself, or relax achy muscles, we have the product just for you.

Our natural Bath Bombs contain no artificial colors or fragrances and offer the benefits of bath salts with a fun volcanic show! No need to worry about what you are sitting in because we don't use synthetics, corn startch, or any ingredient unfriendly to your private parts.

Our natural Bath Salts offer therapeutic levels of muscle relief for your bathing experience. Made with 100% natural fragrances and the finest ingredients like Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, natural clays, colloidal oatmeal, and 100% pure essential oils they will offer an excellent bathing experience.

Our Unicorn Dust is a customer favorite and loved by our little shoppers. Unicorn Dust (aka Reindeer Poop during the holidays) is made from a colorful mixture of our leftover bath and bubble bombs. They all fizz, some of them bubble, but they are all unique!  We like to add it to our Bubble Bomb baths to color the bubbles!

Don't forget to check out our Essential Oil Blends to pop your bath scent even more!

Looking for Bath Oil? We have put them into travel-convenient Bubble Bombs. Get bubble and bath oil all in one to-die-for heart-shaped puck.

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