Get Some Sleep

There are plenty of reasons we don't get enough sleep these days, and with Daylight Savings quickly coming at us on March 12th, it is the perfect time to stock up and save on over 65 all-natural Soaplicity products that are just what the sandman ordered.

Get 20% off products like our new Lavender & Chamomile Herbal Tea by Tiesta, as well as:

  • The Be Calm Collection
  • Lavender Kiss Collection
  • Lavender Vanilla Collection
  • Massage Products
  • Bath Salts
  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Bath Truffles
  • Bubble & Bath Bombs
  • And all other products Chamomile or Lavender scented!

Use Code: GoodSleep23 at checkout to save.

BONUS:  Free Gifts on orders of $60 & $90, plus get $5 flat domestic shipping on orders of $75 or more. Sale ends March 6th.

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