Bubble Bombs & Bath Truffles

Our Bubble Bombs and Bath Truffles are like nothing you have ever experienced before, giving a bubbly, skin pampering experience with each bath. They are a bath bomb, bubble bath, and bath oil all wrapped up in a travel-convenient puck.

Each are 100% natural with no paraben, sulfate, or artificial colors or fragrances. And, of course, they are cruelty-free and gluten-free, too!

Bubble Bombs fizz like a bath bomb but release silky bubbles that last the entire bathing experience and bath oil that lightly softens and perfumes the skin.

To Use: Just unwrap the 100% biodegradable wrapper and drop in hot water or hold under the running water to release the sulfate-free bubbles. Be warned that soft water will product more bubbles.

Bath Truffles are a smaller version of our Bubble Bombs. They are made with the same natural ingredients but in a smaller size for when just a little bubble and skin-softening oil are needed.

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