Get all-natural bug protection in great smelling products that moisturize while you wear them! Infused with Brazillian Andiroba Oil they create a barrier on the skin the bugs hate. You can also apply after getting bitten to take away the itch! 

Available March through November


Lotion Bar - Take A Hike Bug Repellent


Now you can get even more hours of bug repelling protection with our Take A Hike Lotion Bar for touch ups! Just like our Take A Hike Soap Bar, it contains Andiroba Oil from the rain forests of Brazil to create a silky barrier on the skin that biting bugs hate. We then build on that barrier with a proprietary...

Take a Hike - Bug Repellent Soap with Andiroba Oil


Nothing can ruin outdoor fun like pesky, blood-sucking bugs!  You can change all that with our Take A Hike premium soap bar that contains a powerful all-natural cocktail of bug repelling botanical oils and butters that protects you from head to toe. Take A Hike Soap repels all kinds of nasty bugs like:  mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, chiggers, and no-see-ums!   It is...

Body Butter - Take A Hike (Seasonal)


Tell bugs to take a hike this season! Our Take a Hike Body Butter was developed as the request of our customers who love our Take a Hike Bug Repellent Lotion Soap Bars and Lotion Bars, yet wanted extra coverage that included moisturization and easy application. Look no further! Take a Hike is formulated with the same moisturizing butters and...

EO Blend - Take A Hike, 5 ml


Take A Hike Essential Oil Blend has key notes of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Lavender that tell bugs to "take a hike".  Drop it in your outdoor tea light candles or put it on your dryer balls to add the scent to clothing when going into the great outdoors. Use our essential oil blends in your diffuser, to prolong the...

Master Gardener Bundle


If you, or someone you know, loves to garden then this bundle is for you! Packed with all-natural products in a working container* for the avid gardener, each bundle contains the following: 1 - Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar: Made with moisturizing Mango Butter and organic extra virgin olive oil, this bar nourishes hard-worked skin, but is highly cleansing, too! We...