There are few things better than pampering your skin with all natural body products. We take the time to carefully handcraft each product with only sustainable ingredients chosen for their therapeutic properties. We never use artificial colors or fragrances, paraben or sulfate, petrochemicals or microwave processes.  All of our products are 100% cruelty-free.

African Black Soap from Nigeria - Limited Edition


African Black Soap is the only soap bar in the world that does not contain lye, and this is the only soap we offer that we do not make.  Imported from Nigeria, our African Black Soap comes unscented but retains the natural earthy scent of sweet honey and shea butter. And, let's admit it - it looks like a chunky...

Back Bath Strap - Ramie


Forget about awkward angles with scrub brushes, this back strap makes all the curves. It can even be lathered up with soap or scrubs beforehand to clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach places. It is made of cotton and mildew-resistance ramie, making it easy to wash and easy to store in the shower.   Dimensions are:  L 14¾ - W 3¼...

Bare Naked Baby - All-Natural Bastille Soap, Unscented


Created as a true Bastille Soap Bar (containing at least 70% virgin olive oil), this baby soap is also infused with vitamin-rich Sunflower Oil, and moisture-rich organic Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is then added to lock in all that moisture and to promote skin softening. Bare Naked Baby is super creamy and formulated to gently cleanse...

Bath Salt Scoop


Our beechwood bath salt scoops measure out a perfect portion every time. Simply use 3-4 scoops per bath and enjoy.  Keep dry. Dimensions: L 3½ - W 1¼ - H 1¼

Be Calm Soap


Be Calm Soap Bar is the perfect bar to start off a stressful day and to help you relax before going to bed. It is specially made with key 100% pure essential oils of chamomile, lavender and vetiver to promote calmness and tranquility, while nourishing the skin with moisture-rich mango butter and extra virgin olive oil. And, bubble lovers won't...

Block Soap Dish, Beechwood


Our block soap dish is more contemporary and masculine in design, and it fits our all-natural soaps perfectly. Carved from dense, water-resistance, sustainable beechwood and grooved with air pockets that help your soap dry out between uses, it is as stylish as it is effective. Add it to a gift bag for a complete ensemble. Dimensions: L 3¼ - W 2.75"...

Body Brush with Detachable Head


If you want a great body brush made with natural bristles and little something extra, then look no further. This wonderful brush has a detachable head so you can get a better angle on "hard to reach areas".  The natural bristles work extra hard to gently stimulate the lymph system, exfoliate dead skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Can...

Body Brush with Massage Nodules


If you want a great, natural-bristled body brush with a little something extra, look no further.  This wonderful brush has little massage nodules to work extra hard either dry or wet to stimulate the lymph system, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and eliminate waste. For Dry Brushing:  to stimulate the lymph system, reduce the appearance cellulite, and eliminate waste, simply use...

Body Butter - Au Naturale (unscented)


Our Au Naturale Body Butter is as close to nature as it gets! No essential oils have been added so it is perfect for those who want to add their own scent or have sensitive skin. It even works excellently for babies! Ingeniously formulated to be used dry or wet, these butters deeply penetrate the dermal layers to super hydrate all...

Body Butter - Euphoria


There is a reason we call this body butter scent Euphoria! Made with the same 100% pure essential oils as our #1 selling Euphoria Facial Soap Bar, you will want to slather this on every morning and breathe deeply.  The age-defying effects are enhanced in this body butter due to the Geranium and Carrot Seed Oils that are infused into...

Body Butter - Lavender Kiss


If you love the smell of lavender, our Lavender Kiss Body Butter is a refreshing departure from the traditional scent with the addition of musky-citrus tones that center and relax.  A deep-breathing must-try! It is also the perfect compliment to our best-selling Lavender Kiss Soap Bar and Lavender Bliss Deodorant. Our all-natural Body Butters are ingeniously formulated to be used dry or...


Body Butter - Lavender Vanilla

$15.99 $12.79

A light and refreshing departure from the traditional lavender scent, our Lavender Vanilla Body Butter adds a sweet twist to calm and center. It is also the perfect compliment to our Lavender Vanilla Soap Bar and Lavender Vanilla Lotion Bar. And, like all of our body butters, they are infused with Mango and Kokum Butters for deep-penetrating moisture, and Camellia...

Body Butter - Lemon Rose


A deeply sensual, citrus-floral scent is infused into every Lemon Rose Body Butter we make. Not only do they moisturize, but don't be surprised if you are stopped in public and asked what you scent you are wearing!  It perfectly compliments our best-selling Lemon Rose Soap Bar and all-natural deodorant, too. Our all-natural Body Butters are ingeniously formulated to be used...

Body Butter - Oasis


Oasis Body Butter is formulated for those who suffer from severely dry skin on larger portions of their body than just their hands.  Infused with deeply penetrating Neem Oil and skin-loving 100% pure essential oils of Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Geranium, skin's moisture and resiliency returns for skin you will love again! Don't forget to pair this with our premium...


Body Butter - Pumpkin Chocolate (Seasonal)

$15.99 $14.39

Our Pumpkin Chocolate Body Butter is back, and oh, soooooo yummy! Made with the same 100% pure essential oil blend as our Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar and Lotion Bars, this body butter is a must-have. The scent is a spicy-sweet pumpkin chocolate.  Our body butters are specially formulated with sustainable oils and butters and to contain no water, therefore they contain...

Body Butter - Rejuvenate


Inspired by our best-selling Rejuvenate Serum, our Rejuvenate Body Butter is perfect for anyone who experiences achy joints and muscles and wants nourished skin, too! Made with 100% pure essential oils of Wintergreen and Helichysum, and infused with wildcrafted Arnica Oil, this body butter offers superior ache and inflammation relief all over whether that be from gardening, a hard workout,...

Body Butter - Rosemary Peppermint


Pure rosemary essential oil gives the sweet peppermint in this refreshing body butter a wonderful herbal twist and plays with the senses. Oh, so refreshing and a long-lasting in scent loved by both men and women. Be sure to pair it with our Rosemary Peppermint Don't Smell My Pits Deodorant or Lotion Bar! All of our Body Butters are ingeniously...


Body Butter - Take A Hike (Seasonal)

$16.99 $8.50

Our Take a Hike Body Butter was developed as the request of our customers who love our Take a Hike Bug Repellent Lotion Soap Bars and Lotion Bars, yet wanted extra coverage that included moisturization and easy application. Look no further! Take a Hike is formulated with the same moisturizing butters and oils as our other body butters, but we...

Body Scrub - Mocha Mojo Coffee Scrub


Mocha Mojo Coffee Body Scrub (previously called Cellulite Reducer) is a scrumptious blend of organic coffee and cocoa powder that not only jump-starts your metabolism, but invigorates your senses.  It is made with Organic Raw Turbinado Sugar to provide spa-quality exfoliation, and hazelnut and castor oils to draw key 100% pure essential oils of Grapefruit & Cypress deep into your skin to help reduce the...

Body Scrubber Buff - Ramie


Easy to grasp with an elastic strap that fits snugly across the back of your hand, this little scrubber buff is exfoliating at its best. Great at creating tons of suds and lather with your all-natural soaps. Made of natural ramie and cotton.  Dimensions:  L 7 - W 5 - H ¼, and it comes individually wrapped in a clear,...