Made with 100% pure essential oils of Wintergreen and Helichrysum to help alleviate pain and inflammation, our Rejuvenate Products are a much needed welcome for sore joints and muscles.  Stock up now, and don't forget too add our new Rejuvenate Bath Bomb to the mix!

Lotion Bar - Rejuvenate


Now you can take lasting relief with you with our Rejuvenate Lotion Bar! Perfect for pocket or purse, this little bar not only provides fast spot and area relief, but long lasting moisture, too. It is made with key anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils of wintergreen and helichrysum, and restorative butters and oils of cocoa, camellia, and hemp. Pair it with...

Rejuvenate - Topical Serum


Infused with key 100% pure essential oils of helichrysum and wintergreen and infused Arnica Oil, Rejuvenate Topical Serum is highly concentrated to rejuvenate fatigued, stiff, or strained joints and muscles. Vegetable based Castor Oil is added to ensure the deepest tissue penetration possible. Our customers find all kinds of new uses for it all the time! To Use:  Shake bottle thoroughly...

Bath Bomb - Rejuvenate for Sore Joints & Muscles


Not all bath bombs are created equal! Our Rejuvenate Bath Bomb it does a little more in your bath than color the water and makes a cool show. It is made with key 100% pure essential oils helichrysum and wintergreen that help reduce pain and inflammation, tension releasing Epsom and Himalayan Pink salts, and detoxifying Moroccan Red Clay. They are...


Body Butter - Rejuvenate

$16.99 $14.44

Inspired by our best-selling Rejuvenate Serum, our Rejuvenate Body Butter is perfect for anyone who experiences achy joints and muscles and wants nourished skin, too! Made with 100% pure essential oils of Wintergreen and Helichysum, and infused with wildcrafted Arnica Oil, this body butter offers superior ache and inflammation relief all over whether that be from gardening, a hard workout,...

Sports Bar Soap


The Soaplicity Sports Bar is one amazing soap originally designed for athletes and all that sweaty bodies and nasty locker rooms demand. The Sports Bar stands out from all others as it is the highest on the cleaning scale, boasts anti-fungal Tamanu Oil as one of its many wonderful ingredients, and contains key 100% pure essential oils of Helichrysum and Wintergreen to help...


Bath Salts - Rejuvenate

$8.99 $7.64

Easing those achy and tired muscles can be easier with these wonderful salts. Rejuvenate (previously called Sore Joint & Muscle) is made with finest of Epsom and Dead Sea Salts combine with colloidal oatmeal and Bentonite Clay to detoxify, soothe, and restore.  A proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils featuring Helichysum and Wintergreen adds additional comfort and an invigorating...

Oval Spa Massage Stone - Himalayan Pink Salt


Eliminate hand fatigue when giving a massage with this little spa massage stone. It fits perfectly into one's hand to provide the perfect massage, giving needed pressure to tough muscles and hard to reach places like the tiny muscles in the hands and feet. Made from pure Himalayan Pink Salt, it is wonderful for relaxing cramped muscles. Magnesium and over...

Bubble Bomb - Rejuvenate


Our Rejuvenate Bubble Bomb is the answer for sore, achy muscles. This strongly scented bubble bomb is infused with pain fighting Wintergreen and ache-reducing Helichrysum essential oils for deep penetrating relaxation and muscle relief. Made in a convenient heart-shaped puck, they can even be taken on vacation without making a mess all over your luggage. Just put half or all of...