Essential Oil Blends

Soaplicity offers only 100% pure essential oils that are ethically and sustainably harvested to protect the environments where they originate.  Check out our best-selling Essential Oil Blends (5ml) or order individual essential oils in 15ml or 30ml sizes (coming soon).

HOW DO WE KEEP OUR PRICES SO LOW?  We believe in offering premium essential oils at affordable prices so we buy our 100% pure essential oils directly from the oil importers of the countries where the oils originate, and since we buy pounds of oils at a time, our discounted costs are passed onto you!  

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: If your order contains any of our pure essential oil blends, Rogue T2 Hand Spray, or Rogue T2 Countertop spray your order can only ship via UPS Ground shipping (customers in Utah can also choose in-store pick up or local delivery. Federal guidelines prohibit air delivery of undiluted essential oils or products containing alcohol due to the oils' flashpoints causing possible combustion. Our Essential Oils, hand sprays, and countertop cleaners can only be ground shipped to the continental US, lower 48.

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