Who We Are & What We Do: We are a green manufacturer and retailer of all natural, homemade soap, bath and body products that we make on site in Pleasant Grove, UT.  We are proud to formulate all of our bath and body products a little better so they feel a little better on the skin than the other commercial products available on the market today. Watch our video to learn more! You can also scroll down to meet the Soaplicity team below and read more about how we are green!



Meet The Soaplicity Team!

Roshan is the artisan/owner of Soaplicity.  It was through Roshan's determination (she would say stubborness) to develop all-natural products that were healthier for her family and which would alleviate their ever-increasing allergies to commercial products that Soaplicity was born in 2012. Her determination paid off and within a year she had to decide whether to keep her "regular" job or to jump full-time into Soaplicity. She and her husband thankfully took the leap and have never looked back. She is a small business owner who dreams of bringing superior all-natural bath and body products to the world!

Tom (a.k.a - T.J.) is Roshan's husband.  He is a high school chemistry teacher by day, road crew and packager by weekend, ingredient safety specialist, and the support needed in every small business (especially when Roshan feels like throwing her computer through a window).  Nothing would be sold without his muscles, ingenuity, enthusiasm, support, or faith in the mission of Soaplicity.

Jaden is the son of Roshan and Tom. He was one of the first employees who did cold production. He has recently returned from a 2 year leave of absence where he served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the San Pablo, Philippines Tagalog Speaking Mission. Yes, we now speak Tagalog!

Kaden is the head of cold production making serums, scrubs, massage oils, beard oils, and more. He likes to help people and his quick sense of humor keeps the shop on its toes. His hair can be a bit scary sometimes (he likes to drive with his window down), but he strives to produce the best products available to our customers. Don't worry. His hair is back when he is making anything.

Rochelle works mainly in the hot production of our yummy lip balm and lotion bars, body butters and deodorants. However, she can be found working on the floor, too, helping customers. Her favorite product to make is the Rejuvenate Lotion Bar because she loves the way it smells. She is also the head baker next door at Alisha's Cupcakes. leaving only an afternoon here and there for Soaplicity, but we love her when we get her. Even though some of the skills are similar, she loves the differences and the challenges that each job brings.



How We Are Green: In addition to using only sustainable ingredients for every product we make, we also select product packaging that is BPA-free, made in some proportion of recycled materials, and that is recyclable or biodegradable. We are constantly looking for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint, but here are just a few of the ways we are doing it now:

  • We reuse or recycle/donate all packaging materials we receive from shipments (you may even receive your order in a different company's box).
  • We recycle whenever possible.
  • We drive a Prius to reduce gas emissions.
  • We only use facility cleaners that are safe for the environment.
  • And our favorite... our kitchen drains are designed to capture all of the oils that go down them and then it is sold to a bio-fuel processor. We love this!