Why Soap?

Roshan, the owner and artisan of Soaplicity, unintentionally started her bath and body journey by making cold-process soap for her and her family due to the increasing allergies they were experiencing with commercial products. She had become extremely frustrated at not being able to find facial, bath, and body products that were truly all-natural, which she felt in her gut to be the answer to their skin issues.

Since she couldn’t find what she needed she decided she would create them and began researching everything she could on the therapeutic properties of butters, oils, clays, herbs, and essential oils. She learned how to safely make cold-process soap and then formulated and made her first soap, Oasis, for her son who was plagued with psoriasis. Everyone was astonished when his psoriasis was gone in three days of use.

The relief this soap provided her son then encouraged her to make a facial soap and scrub for herself. She then formulated Soaplicity’s #1 best-selling soap, the Euphoria Facial Bar, and it’s accompanying Time Warp Facial Scrub to help her with her maturing skin. The results when she used them were so instant and amazing she gasped. Then, she got mad. She had been spending hundreds of dollars on commercial products that didn’t work half as well and where loaded with harmful chemicals. Looking at the results in the mirror she realized that products like hers were needed. It was at that moment her purpose and passion were lit, and Soaplicity was born.

At its start, Soaplicity was only formed to help family, friends, and a few customers at farmer’s markets and tradeshows with the hopes of making a little extra cash in the summertime. All products were formulated, tested, and created in Roshan and Tom’s (her husband) dedicated basement. She found great joy in helping people love their skin again. As it turned out, many people were looking for truly all-natural facial, bath, and body products, too. Soaplicity grew so fast over the first nine months, that they came to the point where Roshan had to choose between her “regular” job with a steady paycheck or jumping all-in with Soaplicity. After much discussion and Tom agreeing to take a second job to help fund the venture, they took the leap and have never looked back.

Today, Soaplicity is located on Main Street in Pleasant Grove, UT, where all products are still handmade on site and in small batches to control quality. They have 5-6 employees of college-age or older who make product, manage sales, complete internships, and help fulfill orders that ship all over the world. Soaplicity’s mission is to create superb, industry leading, 100% truly all-natural facial, bath, and body products made with only the finest sustainable ingredients available. Soaplicity promises you will never find artificial colors or fragrances, microwave processes, paraben, sulfate, silicone, formaldehyde, gluten, or cruelty-testing in any of its products.

More About Our Products & Philosophy…

Soaplicity is a green manufacturer which means that we go the extra mile in terms of sustainable products and eco-friendly packaging. We strive to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible.

Just a few things we do:

  • We use only Sustainable Ingredients
  • Recycled/recyclable packaging, compostable packaging, or Biodegradable BPA Free Plastic Packaging
  • Non-Toxic Facility Cleaners
  • Use Hybrid Vehicle for Transportation (to lower gas emissions)
  • And (our favorite): A specific kitchen drain designed to capture oils that are then sold to a bio-fuel processor.

Here at Soaplicity we truly value the Earth. We believe that everyone (especially companies) has a duty to protect and take care of the environment that we all share. We also strongly believe in the power of all natural bath and body products. Over the course of our company’s lifetime we have seen more than our share of lives changed. It is our honor and privilege to serve our customers with premier, natural products.


March 12, 2012

Soaplicity Organized

Summer 2012

Farmer’s Markets & Trade Shows

March 2013

Soaplicity goes online for the first time

Summer 2013

June 2016 Sold from house and online

July 7, 2016

Soaplicity storefront opens on Main St. in Pleasant Grove, UT

October 2016

Updated website with shopping cart that integrates with inventory and point of sales system

December 21, 2016

1st International Order placed by customer

March 2018

Bubble Box Subscription Box service launches

September 2018

Named one of Top 25 Best Websites to Buy Handmade Soap

February 2019

Recipient: Pleasant Grove City 2019 Mayor’s Choice Award