Save up to 26% off regular pricing when you order your soap in bulk! 

Who Orders Bulk Soap?

Bulk soap is a popular choice for those who want to save money on a family favorite, or give a lot of the same gift around the holidays.

What Qualifies as Bulk Soap?

Bulk pricing is only for soap bars or loaves of the same scent, and must be purchased in specific batch quantites (see below).

You may choose to either pay in full at the time of ordering, or you can do a half down non-refundable deposit with balance due upon completion.
We can invoice you via email with a payable secure link
or take payment over the phone.
If shipping is required, it will be added onto the balance due invoice.
Orders within the state of UT are required to pay sales tax of 7.25%.
Please note that bulk soap takes 4-5 weeks from time of order to complete so please plan accordingly. 
*If you are a retailer looking to carry our products, please refer to the Wholesale page for your discounts.
*If you are looking for corporate gifts or swag, please visit the Corporate page for more information.