There are few things better than pampering your skin with all natural body products. We take the time to carefully handcraft each product with only sustainable ingredients chosen for their therapeutic properties. We never use artificial colors or fragrances, paraben or sulfate, petrochemicals or microwave processes.  All of our products are 100% cruelty-free.

Body Butter - Pumpkin Chocolate Latte


Our Pumpkin Chocolate Body Butter is back and this time with a twist. We have added a splash of 100% pure Coffee Essential Oil to pop the scent and make it oh, so yummy! This seasonal body butter is a must-have. Our body butters are specially formulated with sustainable oils and butters and to contain no water, therefore they contain no nasty...

Lotion Bar - Pumpkin Chocolate Latte


Our seasonal Pumpkin Chocolate Lotion Bar is back, and this time with a twist. We have added a splash of 100% pure coffee essential oil to the blend to give it a pop that is decadent, and slatheringly perfect. Since it is made with a scrumptiously creamy blend of cocoa & mango butters, moisture-locking beeswax, and botanical oils of Almond,...

Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar


Our seasonal all-natural Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar is one of the most moisturizing bars we make. It contains a rich blend of oils combined with pure pumpkin puree that provides creamy conditioning with excellent lather, and a decadent proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils that will make you want to eat it. (We suggest you just only wash with it)....