There are few things better than pampering your skin with all natural body products. We take the time to carefully handcraft each product with only sustainable ingredients chosen for their therapeutic properties. We never use artificial colors or fragrances, paraben or sulfate, petrochemicals or microwave processes.  All of our products are 100% cruelty-free.

Body Scrub - Mocha Mojo Coffee Scrub


Mocha Mojo Coffee Body Scrub (previously called Cellulite Reducer) is a scrumptious blend of organic coffee and cocoa powder that not only jump-starts your metabolism, but invigorates your senses.  It is made with Organic Raw Turbinado Sugar to provide spa-quality exfoliation, and hazelnut and castor oils to draw key 100% pure essential oils of Grapefruit & Cypress deep into your skin to help reduce the...


Clear Body Scrub

$16.99 $10.19

Our Clear Body Scrub is the natural answer to oily skin issues on shoulders, chest, and backs. All-natural ingredients of Colloidal oatmeal provides moisture and gentle exfoliation, Tamanu Oil rejuvenates skin, and Bentonite Clay deep-cleanses pores. Then we infuse this body scrub with a precise blend of 100% pure essential oils that provide additional oil balancing properties and an amazing glow! Use in combination with...

Euphoria - Hand, Foot & Body Scrub


Don't let the pink color fool you! Rose Clay not only gives this powerful scrub a fun color, but deeply detoxifies and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. Made with the same anti-aging oil of Camellia as our Euphoria Facial Soap, this scrub can't be beat.  We add fine, organic turbinado sugar for unparalleled exfoliation and base oils that deliver long-lasting moisture...

Lavender Kiss Hand, Foot & Body Scrub


Infused with moisturizing botanical oils and a relaxing scent, this popular Lavender Kiss Hand, Foot & Body Scrub is the perfect companion to any bath routine. Raw Turbinado Sugar exfoliates away dead skin while stimulating circulation. 100% pure essential oils combine with vitamin-rich Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Vitamin E to provide deep down replenishing.  Use in combination with the Lavender...

Lemon Rose - Hand, Foot & Body Scrub


The newest edition to our Lemon Rose product line, this hand, foot & body scrub provides excellent moisture and exfoliation while it tantalizes the senses. We add fine,organic turbinado sugar for unparalleled exfoliation and base oils that deliver long-lasting moisture so there's no need for lotion! Try it alone or in a bundle and save. Size:  All of our body scrubs...


SpaBody - Detoxifying Body Scrub

$16.99 $12.59

The ingredient lineup for the SpaBody Detoxifying Body Scrub is nothing less than impressive!  Camellia and Safflower oils combine their skin restorative powers with key 100% pure essential oils of helichysum, carrot seed, white grapefruit, and geranium to provide a full spa experience.  And, if those ingredients weren't enough, we have added Cambrian Blue Clay, known for its ability to detoxify skin...