Enhanced Features for a Better Soaplicity Shopping Experience
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Enhanced Features for a Better Soaplicity Shopping Experience

For a long time we have been trying to find a workaround to give our customers the same discounts online that they receive in store when wanting to buy more in bulk. You may have noticed several variations of these attempts through the past year, ultimately all seeming to cause a different issue when applied. We have also been frustrated with the inability to stack discounts at checkout, having to choose to reward more in points instead. This feature was previously only available to big box stores who could afford the special tech to integrate this ability into their stores. Well, no longer!

We found a new app called ShopDoc Discount App that allows us to do both tiered pricing and discount stacking, and at a cost to us that won't break the bank. It doesn't solve all the issues, but it provides a better customer experience giving you more product for your money, and us less headaches! 

Read on to see the benefits...

New Tiered Pricing - You will notice over the next several weeks that individual listings will now offer discounts when you buy more. We are doing most, if not all, of these offers within collections.  For instance - Get 12% off when you buy ANY 4 soap bars.  This gives you flexibility in what you want to buy and helps you stock up when you need it. (We love flexibility AND savings.)

The app is not fully developed out as of yet so we are hoping to see better uses of it as it does finalize. It doesn't work yet at our POS in store so we will have to continue to manually add these discounts, but it looks like it is coming!

Stackable Discounts - You will see as you use the tiered pricing that discounts will be added to your checkout cart. Never fear!  You can also add any discount codes we offer on top of those discounts to save even more. Genius, really.

We hope as you start to use these features it will make for a more enjoyable and affordable shopping experience here at Soaplicity.

Tell us what you are loving about our changes. We would love to hear!

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