Bath Bombs: What Are You Sitting In?
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Bath Bombs: What Are You Sitting In?

Watching a pretty bath bomb fizz and bubble and push its colors all over the tub is often anSo Sexy Bubble Bomb by Soaplicity excellent way to unwind from a long, stressful day. But, have you ever wondered exactly what it is you are sitting in? Soaplicity has. Roshan, the owner of Soaplicity grew up with her mother telling her never to use bubble bath because "it wasn't safe for her lady parts." It was advice she reluctantly heeded because she loves a good bubble. But, it turns out that her mother may have been right.

Big commercial companies use a lot of so-called "safe synthetic" ingredients and/or man-made chemicals in their bath bombs to get them to be vibrant and dazzling in the water, and to make whatever color mediums disperse better in the water without clumping. What you don't know is that often the trade-off for a little bath time entertainment could be the price of your health. The FDA tests every ingredient available for cosmetic consumption and application, and they do this both orally and externally in varying doses. When they find a given ingredient taken orally causes cancerous tumors, reproductive and/or developmental problems, or organ toxicity, they will then test it topically to determine if the same problems occur. 

Now, most of the time the synthetic ingredients being used in various cosmetic products have a very low skin absorption, therefore the FDA will approve that ingredient for "external use only". This method is generally safe if the amount of skin absorption is low and companies are using these ingredients in small amounts so the finished product isn't being given in high enough doses to do harm. However, there is a catch.

It is estimated that without ingredient enhancement to skin absorption (which some ingredients do), that 60% of what we put on our skin goes into our bodies. Big commercial bath and body companies use ingredients like Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide, and Propylene glycol, to name a few, to increase skin absorption levels so you can utilize the good ingredients on a deeper level, but all of the ingredients in a product are absorbed as well - good or bad. That makes even naturally occurring ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Courmarin (which at high levels cause liver and lung cancer and organ toxicity) potentially more harmful than originally thought because they are being absorbed at a higher rate that naturally intended. It also makes ingredients like synthetic fragrances and dyes absorb into the body, which may not have originally been intended because they were safety tested in isolation from other ingredients. Chemicals like Polysorbates, which are often favored for color dispersion of products in water, also create an intensified uptake of other ingredients to who knows what end. And, that's not even to mention other ingredients, natural or not (cough... cornstarch), that weren't meant to be put in proximity to private areas that can cause yeast overgrowth or other problems. Scared yet?

The truth is you don't have to give up your entertaining bath time. You can make your own bath products or look for bath products made with only all-natural, skin-loving ingredients that won't cause your mom to fret. One of the places you are guaranteed to find such products is Soaplicity. We make every part of our products good for you and your skin, with only sustainable ingredients that you can pronounce. No artificial anything - including colors or frangrances. The result is amazing bath salts, bath bombs (and, yes, even bubble bombs, Mom!)  that relax tension, moisturize skin, and detoxify all without harming any parts. You don't have to worry about what you or your kids are sitting in so you can truly relax. 

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