12 Recipes for Refreshing Summer Drinks with Infused Tiesta Herbal Teas - So Yummy!
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12 Recipes for Refreshing Summer Drinks with Infused Tiesta Herbal Teas - So Yummy!

We recently bought a Sodastream along with some of the flavoring syrups that come with it. Even though these fun and flavorful syrups are reduced sugar or are made with monkfruit and stevia, I still found my body reacting to "something" in the formulas. I was disappointed, but not surprised as I seem to be allergic to everything.

Undeterred, I realized that Soaplicity has just gotten Tiesta Herbal Loose Leaf Teas in stock so I decided to wax creative and began to formulate some yummy summer drinks that mixed the vibrant flavors of the Tiesta Herbal Teas with my Sodastream's capabilities. I was so NOT disappointed as they were heathier, and tasted fantastic. I am sure I will be creating more combinations and drinking these all year long.

My two favorite personal recipes so far are:

I like both of these plain or "dirty" with a splash of cream. Man. So. Good.

Read on to not only get these 2 quick recipes, but over 10 others (courtesy of Tiesta Tea) that cover everything from smoothies to colorful infused ice cubes for your summer adventures. 

You can grab a bag or two of Tiesta Teas HERE and try some recipes out, or use something you already have in stock. Don't be afraid to experiment with different teas, added flavoring drops, different soda bases, and tons of fresh berries of your choosing. Then, let us know below what your favorite recipes are or if you came up with a fun combination of your own! We love to hear from you.

Here they are:


Colorful Fruity Ice Cubes with Tiesta Tea
Yellow Smoothie with Bananas
Cherry Lemonade
Blueberry Mocktail with Tiesta Tea
Strawberry Lemonade Mint Refresher Drink
Fruity Oasis Drink
Fruity Mocktail

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