French Roast - Delicious bright and robust natural chocolate taste with an earthy flavor.

Light - Delicious rich and floral natural chocolate floral flavor without the bitterness of a darker roast. If desired, add your favorite creamer or sweetener. 

It's not coffee. It's cacao!  With the highest magnesium on the planet, this popular light roast gives a natural chocolate flavor without the bitterness of a darker roast. 

Brew it Like Coffee – Simply use a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent gold filter (not paper), or a French Press. Drink it “black” with nothing added or experiment with your favorite creamer and sweetener.

USDA Certified Organic – Everything about our processes including growing, harvesting, roasting, grinding and bagging are compliant with USDA standards to ensure the highest quality organic cacao.

No Additives – Our superior coffee alternative is made with 100% Fair Trade cacao beans. We pride ourselves on being non-GMO, certified kosher, gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free, soy free, sodium free and sugar free.

Honest Energy™ - Contrary to popular belief, cocoa contains little to no caffeine; instead it has theobromine, a natural and gentle stimulant relative to caffeine. Unlike caffeine – which is harsh with a spike and following crash – theobromine works with your body, not against it, giving you a mild, long-lasting lift without making you feel nervous or jittery.

Enjoy Hot or Cold – Crio Bru makes a comforting warm drink in the winter and a refreshing iced beverage in the summer.
Ingredients: 100% Roasted Cacao Beans
Region: Ecuador
Roast: Light