Our natural fiber soap sacks are so handy for eliminating the pile-up of soap slivers, when you simply want more bubbles and lather from your soap bar, or when a little extra scrub in needed. Simply put any soap into the sack and get the exfoliation you want!

Choose Boucle for milder soaping, as for babies or children, or when a more delicate touch in needed. Use Sisal when you want more exfoliation effects. 

Choose Sisal for stronger exfoliating properties and greater lather.

To Use: Simply put any all-natural soap in the boucle soap sack to get more bubbles and exfoliation. Squeeze water out after each use and allow to dry. Use it until the soap is completely gone, then launder.  Tip: you may want to buy 2 sacks to rotate while the other is being laundered.

What is Boucle?  Boucle weave has a softer feel than standard ramie (a natural plant fiber that is mildew resistant), although it is made from ramie. Bouclé is made with at least two combined strands, with the tension on one strand being much looser than the other as it is being piled, with the loose strand forming the loops and the other strand as the anchor.  

Dimensions: L 5 - W 4¼ - H ¼ , individually wrapped in a clear, resealable package.

What is Sisal? Sisal cloth is a natural fiber derived from the leaves of the Mexican Agave plant, which is a member of the cactus family. The strong, extremely durable sisal fiber is 100% biodegradable.  Mold & mildew resistant.

Dimensions: L6 x W 4x H 1/4, individually wrapped in clear, resealable package.