Anbbas Shaving Brush & Safety Razor Set - Black


The Anbbas Shaving Brush and safety razor set not only looks stylish but offers a superior shave - every time you shave. Each set includes a Best Grade badger hair brush (the middle grade for great lather and maneuverability), an Anbbas Safety Razor in Black, an alloy stand to hold the brush in the drain position, and a long-lasting and...

B.R.O. Platinum Double Edge Safety Blades


Made from 100% pure Swedish stainless steel, B.R.O. Hair Care platinum double edge safety blades will give you a superior shave every time. Each pack contains 5 blades are recyclable for no container waste. Details:Fits all standard safety razors. 1.69 in x .91 in (4.3 cm x 2.3 cm).

Back Bath Strap - Ramie


Forget about awkward angles with scrub brushes, this back strap makes all the curves. It can even be lathered up with soap or scrubs beforehand to clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach places. It is made of cotton and mildew-resistance ramie, making it easy to wash and easy to store in the shower.  For extra healthy and happy skin, try it...

Bath Rug - Sweet Cheeks


Add a smile to your bath routine with this plush chocolate brown bath mat featuring a "Hello Sweet Cheeks" sentiment. DETAILS Dimensions:32" x 20" Material:Cotton Artist:Phil Chapman

Body Scrubber Buff - Ramie


Easy to grasp with an elastic strap that fits snugly across the back of your hand, this little scrubber buff is exfoliating at its best. Great at creating tons of suds and lather with your favorite all-natural soaps. Made of natural ramie and cotton.  Dimensions:  L 7 - W 5 - H ¼, and it comes individually wrapped in a clear,...

Counter Top Savers for Soap Dishes - Knit


Now you can enjoy the healthier lifestyle all-natural soap bars offer without the soap scum.These hand-knit counter top savers sit adorably under your soap dishes to catch any soapy runoff and eliminating the mess that sometimes accompanies bar soap. We suggest getting 2 per soap dish that way you can simply swap them out when the other is in the laundry.To...

Crio - Venezuela, 24 oz.


This medium roast is deliciously rich and flavorful with a smooth, deep chocolate natural flavor that hints of strawberry and heavy caramel. If desired, add your favorite creamer or sweetener. Brews Like Coffee, Tastes Like Heaven Crio Bru is roasted, ground, and brewed just like coffee, but has the amazing flavor and aroma of pure dark chocolate. Brew our 100%...

Decorative Metal Tray with Handles


The small tray (16.50" x 11" x 2") features a rustic bird and flower design with a "Good Day" sentiment. The large tray (19" x 12.50" x2") features house and flower design and a "Home - Love Grows Here" sentiment. Each tray features dual handles for easy carrying for breakfast in bread, as a TV tray, or as decoration. Buy...



The black bulb polypropylene caps with straight glass droppers fit our 1 oz. serum bottles, including our Time Warp, Rejuvenate, Clear Serums, and more. The easy to use glass droppers are perfect for when you want better control of the quantity you are dispensing and also make an excellent choice for dispensing essential oils or other liquid products. Neck Size: 20/400  (7mm/75mm)...

Facial Massage Roller - Jade

On Backorder

Our Jade Roller is an ancient Asian health tool that relies on the natural benefits of jade to stimulate circulation in the face. A gentle rolling motion works to reduce puffiness around the eyes, improve skin tone and tighten pores.Made from a composite of jade - many people prefer to store the roller in the fridge as a way to...

Facial Scrubber Pad


Made of a naturally mildew resistant plant fiber called Ramie, this little facial pad provides just enough exfoliation through its Boucle weave to brighten dull skin as it deeply cleanses. It works very well with any of our facial products, even providing extra bubble and lather when wanted.  It is low maintenance, too. Just rinse, wring out, and air dry. Dimensions:...

Haward Safety Razors


Haward Safety Razors are quickly setting the standard for excellent shaves. Easy to handle and maneuver, easy to clean, and they look sleek, too. Choose between butterfly or adjustable for the perfect shave. Features and specifications: Classic double edge blade safety razor. Twist-open (butterfly) design makes quick and easily change blades.  4 inches long handle is made from premium brass...

Men's Shaving Brush and Razor Stand - Black Gunmetal


Prolong the life of your shaving brush and razor with this sleek black gunmetal shaving stand. Perfect for the discriminating man. Height:  152mm (5.98 inches)Brush Opening: 27mm (1.06 inches)Razor Opening: 12 mm (.472 inches)

Men's Shaving Set with Stand, 3 Blade Disposable Razor, & Pure Badger Hair Brush


Made for the discriminating man, our shaving sets offer him the ultimate shaving experience for a fraction of the cost.   Each set contains: 1 - Shaving Stand 1 - 3 Blade Razor (refills by Gillette) - may come with a 5 blade 1 - Badger hair Shaving Brush in Pure Grade Don't forget to add one of our all-natural...

Mini Deodorants - Travel Size


Get our best-selling all natural deodorants in the perfect little travel size. Great for sampling, too, to find your perfect scent. Our deodorants are long lasting (some more than others depending on your body chemistry) and wick sweat so you don't pit out through clothing. They are also made with only good ingredients! There is: No Aluminum No Baking Soda...

Pumice Stone w/ Rope


Rub away those thick heels and callouses with our natural pumice stone. Each one comes with a handy biodegradable rope to make hanging it the shower easy! Dimensions: L 3½ - W 1½ - H ¾ Weight: 2 oz. each

Radius Organic Gel Toothpaste - Clove Cardamom


Radius Organic Toothpaste Gel is a healthy, natural and effective way to fight plaque and take better care of your oral health. It combines organic erythritol, coconut water, chamomile flower and neem, rosehip and holy basil extracts to provide that deep clean, fresh-from-the-dentist feel. Add bacteria-fighting clove to the mix and you get a tasty clean regimen for your teeth!...

Radius Organic Gel Toothpaste - Matcha Mint, 3 oz.


You just met your match with this USDA certified earthy green tea, mint, jasmine, and rice powder blend. This powerful combo can help freshen breath and gently polish those pearly whites. USDA certified organic gel toothpaste, too? Our new gels are made with a unique blend of cavity-fighting erythritol, nutrient-rich coconut water, calming chamomile flower, and organic extracts like neem, rosehip,...

Radius Organic Toothpaste for Kids - Coconut Banana, 3 oz.


Take care of your child’s oral health with Radius Organic Toothpaste for Kids. The coconut oil base helps deliver a naturally deep clean for both teeth and gums, while the coconut banana flavor makes brushing more fun for your child, encouraging a healthy oral hygiene routine. The unique toothpaste formula is USDA Certified organic and free of additives, synthetic foaming...

Radius Organic Toothpaste for Kids - Dragon Fruit, 3 oz.


Radius Tropical Dragon Fruit Gel Toothpaste is packed full of Vitamin C and is perfect for children 6 months and up. This unique formula is certified USDA organic and delivers a natural deep clean without any unpronounceable chemicals or additives. It tastes good enough to eat!