Facial Massage Roller - Jade

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Our Jade Roller is an ancient Asian health tool that relies on the natural benefits of jade to stimulate circulation in the face. A gentle rolling motion works to reduce puffiness around the eyes, improve skin tone and tighten pores.Made from a composite of jade - many people prefer to store the roller in the fridge as a way to...

Liquifaction Massage Oil - Not Knotty


Our Not Knotty massage oil is our best-selling massage oil and designed to partner with our Rejuvenate products. Not Knotty contains analgesic Wintergreen and anti-inflammatory Helichrysum for quick acting relief to rejuvenate sore and tired muscles. It also contains natural menthol, but without the distracting icy-hot feel that most often associate with it. The scent is soft and pleasing and guaranteed to offer relief. All...

Lover's Bath Bundle


Perfect for a romantic getaway for couples, our Lover's Bath Bundle offers one each of our all natural So Sexy Bubble Bomb and our best-selling couple's massage oils of Eros and Aphrodite, all wrapped up in fun packaging. Enjoy a wonderful evening in or easily take it with you without worrying about a mess in your luggage! Size: Eros &...