Back Bath Strap - Ramie


Forget about awkward angles with scrub brushes, this back strap makes all the curves. It can even be lathered up with soap or scrubs beforehand to clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach places. It is made of cotton and mildew-resistance ramie, making it easy to wash and easy to store in the shower.   Dimensions are:  L 14¾ - W 3¼...


Clear - Moisturizing Facial Serum for Oily Skin

$15.00 $12.00

Clear Facial Serum (previously called Balance) is an innovative facial moisturizer for oily skin that works hard to moisturize, clarify, and balance facial oils. Made with a delicate blend of key 100% pure essential oils of geranium and carrot seed, and vitamin rich and astringent carrier oils of grapeseed, hemp and kukui, a little bit of this oil shows a...


Clear Body Scrub

$16.99 $8.15

Our Clear Body Scrub is the natural answer to oily skin issues on shoulders, chest, and backs. All-natural ingredients of Colloidal oatmeal provides moisture and gentle exfoliation, Tamanu Oil rejuvenates skin, and Bentonite Clay deep-cleanses pores. Then we infuse this body scrub with a precise blend of 100% pure essential oils that provide additional oil balancing properties and an amazing glow! Use in combination with...


Clear Facial Clay Mask

$16.99 $13.59

Clear Facial Clay Mask uniquely combines all the best ingredients to deeply clean pores and clarify the skin. The mildly exfoliating mask looks a little "interesting" but once you try it, you will be a believer!  It works best in combination with the Warm Citrus for Oily Skin soap bar. SIZE:  All of our facial scrubs are a generous 5.6...


Clear For Everyone - Back to School Survival Bag

$20.00 $16.00

Show up to school with clear skin and put your best face forward with our best-selling Clear Products for oily skin! Each bag contains: 1 Warm Citrus for Acne Facial Soap Bar 1 Clear Facial Clay Mask 1 Herbal Bliss Lip Wick Lip Balm


Warm Citrus for Acne Bar

$5.99 $4.79

Warm Citrus for Acne Soap Bar is an all-natural, vegan soap developed especially for those who need a delicate, but effective soap for face or body.  It contains colloidal oatmeal for mild, soothing exfoliation and added moisturization, and Bentonite Clay to detoxify and deeply cleanse pores. Camellia and Safflower Oils help rejuvenate skin, while Grapeseed and Hazelnut Oils work to balance the...