Recipes for Your Ladies' Night In with Soaplicity
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Recipes for Your Ladies' Night In with Soaplicity

Just because we all are practicing social distancing doesn't mean that we completely have to skip our semi-annual Ladies' Night Out - we will just make it a Ladies' Night In!  You can pick up some supplies with us for a few of the scrub recipes if you don't see them here, or just order our version of body and facial scrubs to make your night in extra special.

We are starting with two our of favorite quick and easy food recipes to get you started and then give you some fun recipes for face & body that you can easily do at home with your loved ones. So plan a night soon and gather round for some fun!


One Pan Queso Flameado (Submitted by Roshan Richards)

This is one of Roshan's favorite "go-tos" when she doesn't feel like cooking or wants something delicious that isn't high maintenance. It is made in one pan so there are fewer dishes to do, which is always a bonus! Serve it with flour tortillas or chips. Add refried beans and corn, if you want. The recipe is so versatile and easily adapted to your own liking or whatever you have on hand and is perfect for a Ladies' Night In.

One Pan Queso Flameado

S'more Crunchwraps (submitted by Rochelle Fowler from

The next dessert recipe just happens to go perfectly with our theme. Once you S'more Crunchwraps by Delish.comhave devoured the flammed cheese shown above, you can finish off your meal with these decadent bad-boys. We won't waste your time by reposting the recipe here but you can HERE to get all the instructions.  

You will need:

4 large flour tortillas
4 c. mini marshmallows
4 (2-oz.) chocolate bars (such as Hershey's)
8 graham crackers

1 1/2 c. cinnamon-sugar



The following recipes should be easily assembled from most peoples' kitchen pantries. We have included 3 different facial masks/scrubs and 1 body scrub. Make them your own and have fun with it.  

For Glowing Complexion

1T. Cacao Powder; 1/4 Papaya; Squirt Aloe Vera Gel 

To Minimize Pores

1 egg white; 1 T. honey; Squeeze Lemon Juice

For Uneven Skin Texture or Tone

1 T. plain yogurt; 1 T. honey; 1 T. turmeric

For all of these recipes, simply mix thoroughly in a bowl. Put on face for 10 minutes and wash off. Store any excess in refrigerator and use within 2-3 days.

The last recipe comes from a previous post a few years back titled 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Exfoliating Regularly. It includes a quick and easy recipe you can make from items you have at home. Click the title to check it out!

We know that it is easy to get a bit cagey these days, but taking advantage of the time to do things we normally wish we could do is the key. Enjoy your night in. Eat some good food, make some fun products, and enjoy each other.

And, let us know what you ended up doing in the comments below.

All the best, from all of us at Soaplicity!



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