If you, or someone you know, loves to garden then this bundle is for you! Packed with all-natural products in a working container* for the avid gardener, each bundle contains the following:

1 - Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar: Made with moisturizing Mango Butter and organic extra virgin olive oil, this bar nourishes hard-worked skin, but is highly cleansing, too! We infuse corn grit to get down into the crevices to get out stains and dirt, then swirl in comfrey leaf powder to help heal scratches and scrapes that often accompany the gardening routine. Perfect for the kitchen, too.

1 - Sore Joint & Muscle Bath Salts: Nothing beats a good soak after a hard day's work in the garden, and these bath salts will help to sooth sore muscles and joints while you are at it. We couple muscle relaxing Epsom Salts with detoxifying Bentonite Clay, then pop the mix with essential oils of Helichrysum and Wintergreen that are proven to be sore muscles best friends. Nothing quite beats a bath with these salts!

1 - Oval Nail Brush: Pair with the Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar to get that pesky dirt out of your nails! Made with natural bristles, it is gentle on cuticles, but tough on dirt! You won't want to be without it.

1 - Take a Hike Lotion Bar: The most versatile of our Take a Hike set, this lotion bar is packed with essential oils that bugs hate, and Andiroba Oil that adds a silky barrier that bugs hate. As an added bonus, if you get bit, rub this bar on your bites and it will stop the itching! Our customers love this bar.

1 - Rejuvenate Lotion Bar: Made with the same pure essential oils of Helichrysum and Wintergreen

*We may substitue a different base container depending upon availability.