Foot, Toe & Nail Serum

Our Foot, Toe & Nail Serum is an amazingly effective combination of key ingredients that include Tamanu Oil and 100% pure essential oils that keep your feet, toes and nails looking great. 

To Use on Feet:  Simply shake serum and apply to target areas of feet, cover with socks, wash your hands, and go on your way. Use 2 times per day until desired effect achieved. Use in combination with Sports Bar Soap for maximum results.

To Use on Toe Nails:  Use in combination with DMSO (found in most health food stores - only the smallest of jars is needed), as the serum alone has a difficult time penetrating the nail bed for effectiveness. DMSO is an amazing substance that pulls whatever substance is paired with it directly into the body so WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER YOU USE IT!

Simply rub a very little bit of DMSO on your nail bed and under the edge of the nail.  Using a clean toothpick, dip it in the serum and run it under the edge of your nail bed as far down as you can go with comfort.  Rub more serum on top of the nail bed. Cover with a sock. Repeat 1-2 times daily until toenail has completely grown out and the appearance is as you wish.  Always use clean, disinfected clippers while trimming nails..

Size:   1 fl. oz. Net. wt.