These are LIMITED EDITIONS and are only available while supplies last.  Check back often to see what we have next.

Brazil is from a great plantation in Brazil where they take exceptional care of their cacao. Many growers in Brazil have replaced their heirloom trees with more hardy, but less flavorful, varieties. This heirloom cacao is wonderful and quite complex.

It has a nice nutty flavor with mild red fruits as well as a deep cocoa flavor. We like to say it's a mix of Venezuela and Nicaragua on the front end and Ecuador French on the back end. Happy Brewing!

Uber Dark - Spanish Roast is our most robust offering so far. Deep dark chocolate flavor with mild sweetness and strong roasty notes and aroma. The Spanish roast is roasted at a higher temperature than our Light and French roasts and is for those looking for an intense experience. The light sweet aroma and flavor of the chocolate are still present but not as much so as with the lighter roasts.