We have all natural products specially formulated just for him.  Hard Wired Beard Oils. Badger Hair Shaving Sets. Man Bars.  All with rugged scents and moisturizing oils that leaves him feeling well groomed, not girly.

Bubble Bomb - Rejuvenate


Our Rejuvenate Bubble Bomb is the answer for sore, achy muscles. This strongly scented bubble bomb is infused with pain fighting Wintergreen and ache-reducing Helichrysum essential oils for deep penetrating relaxation and muscle relief. Made in a convenient heart-shaped puck, they can even be taken on vacation without making a mess all over your luggage. Just put half or all of...

Bubble Bomb - Voodoo (Seasonal)


Our Voodoo Bubble Bombs create the perfectly scented bubble bath for Halloween! Made in cute Halloween-themed shapes or our conventional heart-shaped puck, they are perfect for gift giving or just because. The scent is a hauntingly deep and earthy smell. Quite wicked!  Choose between: Lg. Heart Shaped or Sm. Halloween Themed! Each one is handmade with moisturizing shea and mango...