Get luscious locks with our all natural products specially formulated for hair.  No sulfate. No paraben. No petrochemicals or things you can't pronounce. Just all natural goodness for a difference you can see and feel.

Body Butter - Au Naturale (unscented)


Our Au Naturale Body Butter is as close to nature as it gets! No essential oils have been added so it is perfect for those who want to add their own scent or have sensitive skin. It even works excellently for babies! Ingeniously formulated to be used dry or wet, these butters deeply penetrate the dermal layers to super hydrate all...

Lotion Bar - Redwood


The Redwood Lotion Bar is a masculine addition to our best-selling lotion bars with a deep earthy blend of sandalwood and cedar. Unparalleled moisture from cocoa and mango butters is locked in by sustainable beeswax. Loved by men and women alike. To use: Simply rub between your hands to melt just enough lotion from the bar to nourish dry skin...