Get luscious locks with our all natural products specially formulated for hair.  No sulfate. No paraben. No petrochemicals or things you can't pronounce. Just all natural goodness for a difference you can see and feel.

As I Am Coconut CoWash


As I Am Coconut Co-Wash is the perfect hair conditioning complement to our shampoo bars! Made with a rich concentration of coconut oil, castor, serenoa and tangerine extracts, it deeply moisturizes without coating the hair or weighing it down. Use after shampooing or as an in-between shampoo aid. It works perfectly with our all-natural shampoo bars!Size: 16 oz.Ingredients: Aqua (Water),...

Body Butter - Au Naturale (unscented)


Our Au Naturale Body Butter is as close to nature as it gets! No essential oils have been added so it is perfect for those who want to add their own scent or have sensitive skin. It even works excellently for babies! Ingeniously formulated to be used dry or wet, these butters deeply penetrate the dermal layers to super hydrate all...


Lip Wick Lip Balm - Mint Chocolate

$3.45 $2.59

Our 100% all natural lip balm in Mint Chocolate is a refreshing and decadent treat for your lips! Like all of our lip balms, our Mint Chocolate is handmade with a special line up of sustainable, all natural ingredients that are specially formulated to wick moisture to the lips and then lock it in for hours of relief while providing...

Shampoo Bar - Blonde


Blonde is an all-natural shampoo bar (no parabens or sulfates) that gently cleanses your hair, while restoring strength and adding unbelievable shine and body. Key essential oils of Chamomile & Lemon help to bring out highlights and add fantastic body & shine. Macademia Nut Oil prolongs hair coloring. Botanical oils and butters reduce the amount of product you need on your hair...

Shampoo Bar - Brun


Brun is the first in our line of healthy, all-natural shampoo bars (no parabens or sulfates) that gently cleanse your hair, while restoring strength and adding unbelievable shine and body. Key essential oils of Rosemary and Peppermint help tone down greys, add fantastic body & shine, and stimulate hair growth. Macademia Nut Oil prolongs hair coloring. Botanical oils and butters...

Shampoo Bar - Oasis for Severely Dry Scalp


Oasis Shampoo Bar (previously named Clear) is a meeting of two of our best soaps - Brun Shampoo Bar & our best-selling Oasis Soap Bar for severely dry skin to help calm problematic scalp conditions like dandruff. Oasis is infused with scalp loving oils like Neem, Cocoa, Mango, Shea, & Tucuma Butters (which provide unparalleled moisture without weighing hair down); and, Argan...

Shampoo Bar - Tangerine Patchouli


Our Tangerine Patchouli is the latest addition to our best-selling shampoo bars and is perfect for normal to oily hair. Like all our other shampoo bars, it is 100% natural, contains no parabens or sulfates, and gently cleanses your hair while restoring strength and adding unbelievable shine and body. We have added Red Moroccan Clay to this bar for color...


Shampoo Bar Sampler Set

$24.95 $18.71

Not sure which of our shampoo bars is right for your hair? Now you can try them all in our Shampoo Bar Sampler Set! Get one half bar each of our Brun Shampoo to bring out the darker tones and tone down greys, Blonde to bring out your hair's natural highlights, Tangerine for all hair types to detoxify, and Oasis...

Silk & Shine Hair Gloss


Redefine your dry and frizzy hair with our Silk & Shine Hair Gloss! Made with a synergistic blend of 100% pure oils it locks in moisture and shine while taming fly-aways and frizz. The smell is a light and yummy earthy floral.Size Net. Wt. 2 oz. Directions: Damp hair - add pea-sized amount to palm & apply to ends w/ light...