It's true. Bubbles make everything better. And now you can get The Soaplicity Bubble Box - a monthly subscription of all-natural bath and body products, delivered right to your door! 

Bubble Boxes are great for:

  • Getting product at drastically discounted prices
  • Getting access to new product first
  • Trying product you have been curious about without paying full price
  • Mother-to-Be Gifts
  • College/Home Sick Gifts
  • Service Men/Women or their families who are supporting them from home
  • Mother-Day or Christmas Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts

What is the Cost & What Do I Get?

For only $24.95/month, plus shipping, you will get 1-2 of our full sized all-natural bath & body products, plus 4-5 generous sample sizes in a cute little box made just for you - a value of $40 or more each month!  And, yes, you will get your Rewards Points for every box you get, and those points add up fast!  

When Will I Get My First Box? 

Your first Bubble Box ships immediately upon purchase for the month that you have ordered it, unless you purchase on the 28th of the month or after, then you will receive your first box on the 1st Friday of the next month. All future boxes will be charged on the 28th of the month for the next month's box, and will ship or be ready for pick up on the 1st Friday of the next month.  (Example:  You are charged on July 28th for August's Bubble Box which will be shipped or ready for pick up on the 1st Friday of August.)

How Do I Manage, Pause, or Cancel My Subscription?

You can change, manage, cancel or restart your subscription at any time - and it is easy! Simply go to the Manage Subscriptions link at the top of the page.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at support@mysoaplicity.com