Today is National Chocolate Mint Day! Come celebrate with us and get an extra 25% off our all natural bath & body products that have either mint or chocolate in them. Use code CM25 at checkout.  Enjoy!

Lip Wick Lip Balm - Herbal Bliss


Herbal Bliss has a refreshing herbal-mint flavor that soothes and refreshes sore lips, and it is one of our best-sellers! Made from 100% all natural ingredients, each is specially formulated to wick moisture to the lips and then lock it in for hours of relief while providing natural sun protection from Hazelnut Oil and Red Raspberry Seed Oils.  The unique oval...


Warm Citrus for Acne Bar

$7.99 $6.79

Warm Citrus for Acne Soap Bar is an all-natural, vegan soap developed especially for those who need a delicate, but effective soap for face or body.  It contains colloidal oatmeal for mild, soothing exfoliation and added moisturization, and Bentonite Clay to detoxify and deeply cleanse pores. Camellia and Safflower Oils help rejuvenate skin, while Grapeseed and Hazelnut Oils work to balance the...

Shampoo Bar - Brun


Brun is the first in our line of healthy, all-natural shampoo bars (no parabens or sulfates) that gently cleanse your hair, while restoring strength and adding unbelievable shine and body. Key essential oils of Rosemary and Peppermint help tone down greys, add fantastic body & shine, and stimulate hair growth. Macademia Nut Oil prolongs hair coloring. Botanical oils and butters...

Peppermint Stick Soap Bar


Our Peppermint Stick soap is simply a treat in scent and feeling, and is now available year round! Made with swirls of Rose Clay and Fuller's Earth to detoxify skin, and a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils that awaken the senses, making this soap a favorite of many.  Crazy bubble and lather complement its moisturizing power and tingly sensation....

Lotion Bar - Rejuvenate


Now you can take lasting relief with you with our Rejuvenate Lotion Bar! Perfect for pocket or purse, this little bar not only provides fast spot and area relief, but long lasting moisture, too. It is made with key anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils of wintergreen and helichrysum, and restorative butters and oils of cocoa, camellia, and hemp. Pair it with...

Lotion Bar - Rosemary Peppermint


Our Rosemary Peppermint Lotion Bar is loved by men and women alike. Kokum and cocoa butters blend with restorative hemp seed and macadamia nut oils to provide deep-penetrative moisture that is locked in with natural beeswax.  Perfect for hands, heels, and elbows!  The scent is crisp and invigorating. To use: Simply rub rubbed between your hands to melt just enough lotion...

Crisp Soap Bar - Eucalyptus & Cornmint


Aptly named, this invigorating soap is made with key 100% pure essential oils of Eucalyptus & Cornmint to help wake you up or pack a punch to congested airways. Originally created at the request of some of our asthma-suffering customers, we have found it to be wonderful for allergies and head colds, too!  It has a moisture-rich lather from Extra...

Lip Wick Lip Balm - Mint Chocolate


Our 100% all natural lip balm in Mint Chocolate is a refreshing and decadent treat for your lips! Like all of our lip balms, our Mint Chocolate is handmade with a special line up of sustainable, all natural ingredients that are specially formulated to wick moisture to the lips and then lock it in for hours of relief while providing...


Body Butter - Rosemary Peppermint

$15.99 $13.59

Pure rosemary essential oil gives the sweet peppermint in this refreshing body butter a wonderful herbal twist and plays with the senses. Oh, so refreshing and a long-lasting in scent loved by both men and women. Be sure to pair it with our Rosemary Peppermint Don't Smell My Pits Deodorant or Lotion Bar! All of our Body Butters are ingeniously...


Bath Bomb - Just Breathe

$4.50 $3.15

Our Just Breathe Bath Bomb turns a bath into crisp, deep-breathing heaven. Made with key 100% pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Cornmint, Peppermint, and Tea Tree, it opens the sinus passages where congestion tends to linger. Get it in 2 sizes - Large ( abt 6 oz. about the size of a large apple) and Small (abt. 3 oz. about...

Mint Grapefruit Soap Bar


Fresh. Clean. Crisp. Our all-natural Mint Grapefruit Soap is truly a tantalizing treat for the senses. Created at the request of one of our customers, this soap even surprised us with it bubbly lather and rejuvenating scent.  We add Mowrah Butter and Hemp Oil to restore moisture and protect dry skin. Rose Clay and Turmeric Powder combine to gently detoxify...

Mocha Mojo Soap Bar


Made to accompany our Cellulite Reducer Body Scrub, this soap bar is one fantastically yummy experience. Cocoa Butter combines with organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil to provide excellent moisture and creamy bubble, then we added organic coffee grounds for high exfoliation and intoxicating scent. Our employees say they always want to eat it!  Ingredients: Distilled water, Organic...

Kitchen & Garden Soap Bar


Our Kitchen & Gardener Bar not only gets tough dirt and plant stains off hands and fingers, it is also the perfect kitchen soap to clean gucky hands. We especially love it when cooking with raw chicken! It is formulated to be the highest on the cleaning scale then blended with corn grit for strong exfoliation to get the deep down...

Don't Smell My Pits Deodorant - Rosemary Peppermint


If you want to stay cool in hot weather, Rosemary Peppermint should be your choice! It will wake you up and cool you down with its minty freshness. Made for strong coverage and strong scent. Made with only all-natural, sustainable ingredients that you can pronounce, they still boast long-lasting odor-fighting protection and sweat-wicking technology all in a 2.6 oz. stick. That's...

Don't Smell My Pits Deodorant - Mint Grapefruit


Our Mint Grapefruit deodorant is made with 100 percent pure essential oils of peppermint and grapefruit, giving it a fresh and crisp scent that provides long lasting protection. It is perfect for men and women. All of our Don't Smell My Pits Deodorants are made with only all-natural, sustainable ingredients that you can pronounce and make you feel good, smell good,...


Body Scrub - Mocha Mojo Coffee Scrub

$16.99 $14.44

Mocha Mojo Coffee Body Scrub (previously called Cellulite Reducer) is a scrumptious blend of organic coffee and cocoa powder that not only jump-starts your metabolism, but invigorates your senses.  It is made with Organic Raw Turbinado Sugar to provide spa-quality exfoliation, and hazelnut and castor oils to draw key 100% pure essential oils of Grapefruit & Cypress deep into your skin to help reduce the...

Lotion Bar - Mint Chocolate


Made with unrefined cocoa butter and pure essential oils, our Mint Chocolate Lotion Bar is yummy goodness for hands and feet!  To use: Simply rub rubbed between your hands to melt just enough lotion from the bar to nourish dry skin without waste. Size: All of our Lotion Bars are 1.35 oz. or more, and come in handy tins.Ingredients: Beeswax,...


Just Breathe Serum

$15.99 $11.19

Just Breathe Serum works hard to open nasal passages when things get tight. Just put a little behind ears and rub down neck and/or put above brow and pull around temples and onto cheek bones for deep-breathing heaven. Put any excess under nose.Made from 100% pure key essential oils of Eucalyptus Radiata, Cornmint for menthol, Peppermint, and Clove, this little...


Bath Salts - Just Breathe

$8.99 $7.64

Our Just Breathe Bath Salts (previously called Cold & Flu) are a welcome comfort for the misery that accompanies the common symptoms of severe cold or flu.  Made with key 100% pure essential oils of eucalyptus and tea tree to aid deep breathing, and Ginger Powder for warmth, you won't want to be caught without this during cold season!  Available late...

Shaving Soap - Crisp


This is our best selling shaving soap! We have infused skin-soothing Nettle Leaf Powder into this bar to not only give it a beautiful green color swirl, but to promote skin healing.  The scent is just as the name implies with key 100% pure essential oils of Cornmint & Eucalyptus. Very invigorating! Our cold-process Shaving Soaps produce a creamy-rich lather...