Bath Truffles - Assortment Pack


A little bit of bubble, a little bit of bath oil, and a little bit of bomb. Our all-natural Bath Truffles pack a surprising punch of fizz and bubble in an adorable little truffle. Made with moisturizing cocoa and mango butters, they leave your skin silky smooth. This assortment pack contains 2 each of our Euphoria, Lavender Kiss, and Lemon...


Body Scrub - Mint Chocolate Hand, Foot & Body Sugar Scrub

$14.99 $8.99

This hand, foot & body scrub provides excellent moisture and exfoliation as well as a yummy mint chocolate scent. We add organic cacao powder for natural conditioning of the skin, fine organic turbinado sugar for unparalleled exfoliation and base oils that deliver long-lasting moisture so there's no need for lotion!  Size: All of our body scrubs are a generous 11 oz and...


Lotion Bar - Chocolate Orange

$5.95 $2.38

Made for the driest of skin, our Chocolate Orange Lotion Bar sends unparalleled moisture deep down then locks it in for hours of relief from dry, itchy skin.  And, just like our other lotion bars, it is made with moisture-rich beeswax, mango & cocoa butter for overnight healing of raggedy heals and elbows. Lasts through hand washings, too!  To use: Simply rub...


Lotion Bar - White Christmas

$5.95 $2.38

Available only for the holiday season, our 100% all-natural White Christmas Lotion Bar is a nostalgic trip back to childhood! Made with key 100% pure essential oils of spruce & fir needle with just a hint of spice and smoke, this lotion bar has the same alluring scent as our White Christmas Soap Bar and Bath & Bubble Bombs! Infused...

Peppermint Stick Soap Bar


Our Peppermint Stick soap is simply a treat in scent and feeling, and is now available year round! Made with swirls of Rose Clay and Fuller's Earth to detoxify skin, and a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils that awaken the senses, making this soap a favorite of many.  Crazy bubble and lather complement its moisturizing power and tingly sensation....


Seasonal Bath Truffles - Large

$3.85 $1.54

At almost twice the size of our regular bath truffles, these little seasonal treats are sure to make for a special bathing experience.  Our 100% All-Natural Bath Truffles are a magic blend of bubble bath, bath oil, and bath bomb, and they pack a surprising punch of fizz and bubble for their size. Made with moisturizing cocoa and mango butters...


White Christmas Soap Bar

$5.99 $3.49

White Christmas is an all-natural, vegan soap that smells like a Christmas Tree! It is made with a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils that will remind you of Christmases long ago.  French Green Clay helps to detoxify skin and Comfrey & Nettle Leaf Powders helps skin to heal and restore from harsh winter weather, leaving your skin with...