Himalayan Bath Salts - Premium Kosher Certified


Bathe in an ancient primordial sea found 250 million years ago where today's Himalayan Mountains reign. Composed of 84 minerals, Himalayan Salts offer a detoxifying bathing experience thought to equal a 3-day fast. Relieves sore & aching muscles & soothes skin to a beautiful radiance. Also, offers a solid night's sleep! Directions: Add salts to 4 inches of hot water...

Lover's Bath Bundle


Perfect for a romantic getaway for couples, our Lover's Bath Bundle offers one each of our all natural So Sexy Bubble Bomb and our best-selling couple's massage oils of Eros and Aphrodite, all wrapped up in fun packaging. Enjoy a wonderful evening in or easily take it with you without worrying about a mess in your luggage! Size: Eros &...