Bath Bomb - Voodoo (Seasonal)


Made exclusively for the Halloween season, our Voodoo Bath Bomb is a hauntingly-twisty scent that is sure to please. Natural colorants bring a brilliant purple and orange mix to the water and the cardamom, lavender, patchouli, and black pepper essential oils tantalizingly scent the skin. Size: Choose between 6 oz. or 3 ounce sizes.  Ingredients: Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Citric...

Body Butter - Pumpkin Chocolate (Seasonal)


Our Pumpkin Chocolate Body Butter is back, and oh, soooooo yummy! Made with the same 100% pure essential oil blend as our Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar and Lotion Bars, this body butter is a must-have. The scent is a spicy-sweet pumpkin chocolate.  Our body butters are specially formulated with sustainable oils and butters and to contain no water, therefore they contain...

Bubble Bomb - Voodoo (Seasonal)


Our Voodoo Bubble Bombs create the perfectly scented bubble bath for Halloween! Made in cute Halloween-themed shapes or our conventional heart-shaped puck, they are perfect for gift giving or just because. The scent is a hauntingly deep and earthy smell. Quite wicked!  Choose between: Lg. Heart Shaped or Sm. Halloween Themed! Each one is handmade with moisturizing shea and mango...

Lotion Bar - Pumpkin Chocolate


Our seasonal Pumpkin Chocolate Lotion Bar is made with a scrumptiously creamy blend of cocoa & mango butters, moisture locking beeswax, and botanical oils of Almond, Apricot Kernel, and Rice Bran Oils.  Hands, elbows, and heels are left silky soft and moisturized for hours and through hand washings, too. The scent is a yummy sweet and spicy combination made from...

Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar


Our seasonal all-natural Pumpkin Chocolate Soap Bar is one of the most moisturizing bars we make. It contains a rich blend of oils combined with pure pumpkin puree that provides creamy conditioning with excellent lather, and a decadent proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils that will make you want to eat it. (We suggest you just only wash with it)....

Voodoo Soap Bar


Our Voodoo Soap Bar was inspired after our best-selling Hard Wired Beard Oil.  Deep, masculine, and striking, the scent changes subtly in your nose, like magic, requiring you to go back again and again to smell it, thus the name. Use it to compliment your beard oil or alone for an amazing bathing experience. Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Coconut Oil (Cocos...

Wax Melts - Pumpkin Chocolate


Bring the scents of fall to your home with our gentle scent-throwing wax melts! Our Pumpkin Chocolate Wax Melts are 100% natural, made with beeswax, candle-grade wax for a good snap, and 100% pure essential oils that throw a gentle, home-baked scent that is sure to please. Very relaxing and homey. To Use: Snap off 1-2 squares and melt in the...

Zombie Soap w/ Eyeball Ring


Made from a soapy concoction that looks fleshy but smells like heaven (like orange and clove). Each bar is approximately 6 oz. (1 1/2 times the size of our standard bars) and comes with an eyeball ring when they are done! Good. Clean. Fun.