Back Bath Strap - Ramie


Forget about awkward angles with scrub brushes, this back strap makes all the curves. It can even be lathered up with soap or scrubs beforehand to clean and exfoliate those hard-to-reach places. It is made of cotton and mildew-resistance ramie, making it easy to wash and easy to store in the shower.   Dimensions are:  L 14¾ - W 3¼...

Bath Salt Scoop


Our beechwood bath salt scoops measure out a perfect portion every time. Simply use 3-4 scoops per bath and enjoy.  Keep dry. Dimensions: L 3½ - W 1¼ - H 1¼

Beard Brushes


Now you can get a natural hair beard brush to fit your needs in firm (neutral color) or soft (black color). These brushes fit perfectly into your hand and help to evenly distribute your beard oil from base to ends while gently separating snarls and knots. Excellent for travel. Beard oil sold separately.

Block Soap Dish, Beechwood


Our block soap dish is more contemporary and masculine in design, and it fits our all-natural soaps perfectly. Carved from dense, water-resistance, sustainable beechwood and grooved with air pockets that help your soap dry out between uses, it is as stylish as it is effective. Add it to a gift bag for a complete ensemble. Dimensions: L 3¼ - W 2.75"...

Body Brush with Detachable Head


If you want a great body brush made with natural bristles and little something extra, then look no further. This wonderful brush has a detachable head so you can get a better angle on "hard to reach areas".  The natural bristles work extra hard to gently stimulate the lymph system, exfoliate dead skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Can...

Body Brush with Massage Nodules


If you want a great, natural-bristled body brush with a little something extra, look no further.  This wonderful brush has little massage nodules to work extra hard either dry or wet to stimulate the lymph system, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and eliminate waste. For Dry Brushing:  to stimulate the lymph system, reduce the appearance cellulite, and eliminate waste, simply use...

Body Scrubber Buff - Ramie


Easy to grasp with an elastic strap that fits snugly across the back of your hand, this little scrubber buff is exfoliating at its best. Great at creating tons of suds and lather with your all-natural soaps. Made of natural ramie and cotton.  Dimensions:  L 7 - W 5 - H ¼, and it comes individually wrapped in a clear,...

Dual Soap Dish, Beechwood


Made of water-resistant beechwood, our Dual Soap Dish is perfect to fit 2 soaps on counters or baths. The grooves are perfectly designed to create air pockets that help your all-natural soaps dry out between uses. Use it in combination with a facial bar and a hand soap, a shampoo bar and body bar, a his/hers combination, or when you...

Facial Scrubber Pad


Made of a naturally mildew resistant plant fiber called Ramie, this little facial pad provides just enough exfoliation through its Boucle weave to brighten dull skin as it deeply cleanses. It works very well with any of our facial products, even providing extra bubble and lather when wanted.  It is low maintenance, too. Just rinse, wring out, and air dry. Dimensions:...

Large Suction Shower Caddy Basket


If you need a place to store shower pucks or other items out of direct shower head spray, then this shower basket is for you! Made from durable plastic, it comes with 2 large suction cups and ample drain holes in the sides and bottoms to ensure proper air flow.  Easy to clean.   Size: 7.5" L x 3" W...



Contrary to popular belief Loofahs aren't found in the ocean. They are actually grown! Loofahs are made from fibrous material found in gourd-like tropical fruits. The spongy texture is perfect for exfoliating dry skin to keep it smooth and sleek. Their appeal is that they are soften when wet and harden up again when they dry. Just remember to replace...

Oval Nail Brush


Our nail brush is made of natural bristle and beechwood, and it measures a convenient L 3¾ - W 2 - H 1¼.  It works diligently to get dirt and grime out of nails and nail beds without hurting tender skin.  Couple it with our Kitchen & Gardner Bar for some very soft, clean hands! Each item is individually packaged...

Pumice Brush w/ Handle


Give your feet a treat! Made from natural pumice stone, bristle and beechwood, this handy-handled pumice will take care of calluses, raggedy heels, and more! Just wet your feet, use the pumice side to rub away the dead skin, clean off with the brush side, rinse, and hang. Pair with one of our fantastic lotion bars or scrubs for perfect...

Scooped Soap Dish, Beechwood


Scooped not only for appeal, but to keep your soap in place. This soap dish is made of water-resistant beech wood, and perfectly designed to create air pockets that helps your all-natural soap dry out between uses and with drain holes to keep things from getting mushy. A must-have for every sink in the house! Dimensions: L 4.5" - W...



Scrubbies are perfect for your delicate pans, and some even like them in the shower!  These are hand woven and very tough! They last and last. Great for gifts or for kitchen and bathroom. Assorted colors.

Shaving Bowl - Bamboo


Our bamboo shaving bowl is the perfect receptacle for our all-natural shaving soaps, and is an attractive companion to your own shaving brush or our light banded badger hair brush.  Bamboo is very water resistant so this bowl with give you many years of reliable usage.

Shaving Bowl - Date Wood


Our date wood shaving bowl is the perfect companion to our all-natural shaving soaps, and it looks attractive with any shaving brush, including our black badger hair shaving brush.  Date wood is very water resistant to provide you many years of excellent usage.

Shaving Brush - Badger Hair, Best Grade


Our Badger Hair Shaving Brushes are rated Best Grade, which is the most commonly used grade for shaving brushes and perfect for first-timers. Generally retailing at $50 or more, we set the price on our brushes more reasonably so everyone can have the opportunity of a wonderful shaving experience! Choose between: Black - wood handle, water-resistant brush (wt.- 2 oz.) Light...

Soap Sack, Boucle


The boucle soap sack is so handy when soaping off babies or children, eliminating the pile-up of soap slivers, or when you simply want more bubbles and lather from your soap bar. Simply put your all-natural soap in the boucle soap sack and use it until it's completely gone. And, because it is made with ramie, it is naturally mildew...

Travel Soap Case by Radius, assorted colors


The RADIUS Soap Travel Case is designed to fit most major soap brands, including our Soaplicity Soap Bars. We particularly love the grated bottom that creates air pockets to help dry out your soap between uses. The are equipped with patented “living hinge” technology for easy opening and snap lock for secure closure, and no leak holes to leave a drainage...